About Us

DMI began manufacturing light towers in 2010 as a result of demand for a light tower for use in the remote and rugged areas of northern Canada.

To put things into perspective, our experience as a pipe-welding shop lends us the expertise in building a rugged, heavy duty trailer. We then mount a 45 KW gen set on the trailer and the hydraulics to create a heavy duty light tower. Our trailers can efficiently withstand the punishing elements, even as the light tower provides users with a massive amount of light. The diesel gen set enables hours of uninterrupted power even at the most remote locations.

The DMI 16-light light tower is a better alternative to several smaller light towers. Despite its size, it can be easily transported to remote locations as well as conventional locations such as airports, refineries, construction sites, disaster sites and homeland security applications.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Louisiana and is a US Small Business Administration certified manufacturer as well as a small business. We believe in consultative service and are committed to customer satisfaction.


This is the fundamental differentiator between our light tower and products of other competing name brands on the market.


DMI’s expertise in custom steel fabrication gives us a definitive edge. We start with ¼ inch steel plate and cut and weld the trailer.


DMI’s portable light towers feature 16 1500-watt metal halide lights that collectively produce 2.5 million lumens of light.