DMI Light Towers – The Perfect Solution for Industrial Lighting

Light towers are essential equipment for many industries. Many industrial organizations conduct their work after hours and in remote locations where sufficient lighting is required. Companies also need light towers that can work efficiently under extreme conditions. DMI Light Towers has the right solution to these requirements.

DMI Light Towers are well-known for providing high strength, high quality, and durable light towers for various industrial requirements. The reason behind DMI’s success is its strong base in engineering and manufacturing. As a leading pipe welding manufacturer, DMI uses it engineering knowledge and expertise to source the finest materials and manufacture rugged light towers that can provide high performance even in the toughest of industrial applications.

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Portable Light Towers v/s Balloon Light Towers

When one thinks of lighting options for construction sites, one usually thinks of the portable light tower. However, this is not the only option out there in the market. Another type of light tower is slowly making the rounds is the balloon light tower.

How are Balloon Light Towers Different from Portable Light Towers?

Balloon light towers comprise a semi transparent balloon that is designed to light up the surrounding area. On the other hand, portable light towers are designed with a large group of bulbs, which are installed separately in a large light fixture.

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Maintaining Safety with Light Towers

Work site safety is one of the biggest priorities that have to be maintained at all times. The installation and use of a portable light tower is a part of safety protocol. Light tower manufacturers realize that it is immensely important for the site managers to easily install and use the light tower. To ensure their safety, all light tower manufacturers provide an operator’s manual, which consists of the following information:

  • Safety procedures
  • List of light tower components
  • Setup and installation
  • Instructions for operation
  • Specifications

Safety Procedures when using Light Towers

The operator’s manual comprises step-by-step instructions to completely understand the various components of the light tower, and the manner in which they are used. The first section of the light tower manual showcases symbols and words.

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History of the Light Tower

Light towers are used by a number of commercial and industrial companies for their various applications. For the general public, light towers are products that are commonly seen and used in stadiums and concert grounds. It suffices to say, light towers have proven to be important products for use in many different settings. But do we really know the history of this ingenious product? Read on to find out more.

The Journey of Light Towers

While some may find this surprising, the earliest use of the term ‘light tower’ was given to lighthouses, which were used in America in the early 19th Century. The first light tower was commissioned by the US Government in 1806. It was constructed at the Eastern end of Wood Island off Saco Bay in the then state of Massachusetts. The light tower stood at a height of 45 feet and was equipped with spider lamps and an eclipser.

The first rendition of light towers as we know them today was called a moonlight tower. It comprised a triangular rocket shaped structure with numerous small lamps at the tip. Moonlight towers were extremely popular during 1880s and 1890s. In those days, they were used as standard street lighting devices. On an average, they would stand at least 200 feet tall, and could weigh more than 10 tons. A few cities that popularized the use of light towers were Aurora, IL, Detroit, MI, and Hannibal, MO. However, as electric street lighting became popular, the use of the light tower in this particular application began to decrease.

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Install Mobile Light Towers at your Facility; Let Your Workers Work Efficiently at Nights

Several factors including tight project schedule often make workers from varied industrial sectors to work at nights and also under low lit conditions. In order to make workers work more efficiently and to become more productive at nights, they must require a high intensity and bright illumination throughout. Amongst the various artificial lighting sources developed so far,  mobile light towers have gained immense popularity and wide acceptance due to their ability to provide uninterrupted illumination in any of the most hostile and rugged terrain.Mobile light towers, which incorporate several advanced features, support workers comprehensively by providing bright and uninterrupted light to large areas. Railways, steel industry, marine industry, military, aerospace industry, public security, fire control, chemical industry, government sector, stadium, transportation, as well as hard to reach mine locations make use of the service of light towers for providing enough light for safe and secure working.

Installing mobile light towers at your facility brings you the following listed advantages:

  • Provide pin point bright light wherever required to support workers who are indulged in high precision required and challenging tasks.
  • Improve the working conditions.
  • Avoid unexpected accidents and injuries due to insufficient lighting.
  • Improve the productivity of workers.

Since these mobile light towers are designed for easy portability, they can be moved to any demanding and tough terrain easily without having to take any painstaking effort. The height of this artificial lighting unit and their brightness can be adjusted in the required level as per the application needs. Also, since they are engineered to the highest standards using corrosion resistant materials, you don’t need to worry about its reliability when using in unfavorable and critical outdoor environments.

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What are the Benefits of Portable Light Towers in Remote Areas

Remote and isolated locations such as mining sites, construction areas, oil refineries, and project plants in desserts need to conduct work processes overnight. Various valuable equipment and raw material are kept in these remote sites, which need monitoring especially during dark hours to avert thefts. Artificial lighting systems provide bright illumination on remote areas but it is tough to position these lights at each site of the area. To solve this issue, portable light towers can be used.Portable light towers come with wheels, wheeled boards, or are attached to transportation vehicles. The lighting capacity of these towers is immense and they can be easily moved in remote areas.

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What are the Benefits of Portable Light Towers in Industrial Applications

Sufficient lighting during dark hours is a need common to almost all industries. While traditional, fixed light towers are useful to illuminate a particular site, they have many shortcomings such as installation costs and problems in transportation. To overcome these issues, and to illuminate industrial sites superiorly, portable light towers serve as a perfect alternative.Easy portability of these towers makes them ideal to be carried to even remote areas for use in an industrial application. These light towers are not only cost-effective but they also provide better illuminating options for various industries.Why are portable light towers more beneficial for various industries?Portable light towers have many distinctive features that make them highly beneficial for different industries:
  • These light towers can be easily transported to various industrial sites or plants or research facilities.
  • The illumination capacity of the light bulbs used in portable towers is much more than their conventional counterparts.
  • Most of the portable light towers require minimal to zero maintenance, and they can perform very well in the harshest industrial conditions.
  • The compact and durable nature of these light towers make them ideal to be carried around to multiple locations of heavy-duty industries like refining, shipping, construction, and mining.
  • Industrial unit operations can get sufficient light with the help of portable towers.
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Light Towers on Rent : Know the Benefits

The operational benefits of a light tower are innumerable and hence several business units prefer light tower rental services. A light tower is a portable equipment attached with a trailer and appears as a tall, vertical pole with halide lamps fitted at its pinnacle. The light tower derives its energy or electrical power from the generator which the trailer carries. This trailer also renders the light tower its portability.

The bulbs of a light tower are powerful enough to provide strong illumination comparable with sunlight, over a wide range of area. Nowadays, numerous companies and enterprises are benefiting from light tower rentals services provided by efficient companies like DMI Light Towers.

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DMI Portable Light Towers – Experience the Power of Illumination

Portable light towers are the most innovative and exceptional tool designed for providing efficient and bright illumination across vast areas of a job site. Since, many manufacturing companies work outdoors at nights to achieve their deadline; there occurs a need for efficient and economical lighting system to illuminate the entire area.

DMI Light Towers – The name you can trust

Availing the lighting device from best-in-line manufacturer helps you receive first-rate and high performing product at competitive prices. This is precisely why you should partner with DMI Light Towers for procuring the brand new portable light towers and also for availing the product for rent. Our light towers are precision-made with professional-grade reliability and durability you require for operating in harsh and critical outdoor environments.

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Uses of Light Towers at Construction Sites

Can you risk the loss of expensive raw materials and machinery stocked at your construction site or the loss of productivity and time the next morning following a burglary? Purchase DMI – LT cost-effective and high performing light towers if you want to avoid this disastrous situation.Our advantagesWe serve customers better by providing the larges and finest quality portable light source for rugged and critical industrial environments. Uses of DMI – LT lighting systems have been highly accepted and widely appreciated for construction site surveillance.

The product is highly effective to provide bright illumination to vast construction areas. Since, these light towers provide powerful illumination all the time at nights and in low lit environments, thieves and trespassers will not dare to encroach in your workplace. Besides effective and proper surveillance, our lighting systems have also been in use for providing powerful lighting to carry out high priority works at night. By using DMI –LT light towers, construction activities can be carried out effectively during night time and this ensures the launch of project on previously agreed schedule.

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