Gain Flexibility with DMI’s Light Tower Rental Scheme

In a competitive economic scenario or when an emergency beckons, purchasing a light tower might not always be a prudent business decision. It was for such situations that DMI Light Towers initiated its Light Tower Rental Scheme. Oftentimes, renting light towers is a more profitable decision as compared to purchasing one.

Without the use of light towers, projects such as construction, mining, search and rescue operations, and other outdoor events would come to a standstill past sundown. Renting renders more flexibility to enable the uninterrupted execution of your operations.

DMI’s light tower rentals can be availed for a few days, weeks, or even months. We offer a variety of rental packages to suit the nature and duration of your application. DMI’s competitive pricing frees you of the lifelong worries associated with light tower purchase such as: depreciation, maintenance, and repair.

Safety lies at the core of DMI’s light tower rental scheme. The ease and flexibility of our rental scheme makes it exceedingly simple for you to get access to high-quality illumination for your next project.

Benefits of Light Tower Rentals from DMI:
  • The sturdy design of the mast (capable of telescoping 55feet), frame, and fenders makes our products capable of providing non-stop illumination even in the most rugged applications.
  • With a unique design that comprises 16 1500-watt metal halide lights, these towers are capable of producing 2.5 million lumens of light.
  • Our well-maintained fleet of light towers will perform just as efficiently as new.
  • It is perfectly suited for enterprises that are following a ‘financial prudence’ policy in these uncertain economic times. A light tower rental package would only cost you a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new ones
  • DMI is ready to honor your rental requirements in short turnaround times. Our hassle-free rental schemes ensure that the exact light tower you need is at your site in a few days’ time.
  • Need more information on our light tower rentals? Please get in touch with our Customer Representatives through the Contact Us page.